Contract, Terms and Conditions - Please read!

Contract/Terms and Conditions:

Sheridan Events, LLC will be referred to in this document as SE. The person or business whose billing information (name, address, credit card details.) was entered to process the transaction will be referred to in this document as Renter. Rental items that are the property of SE will be referred to in this document as Equipment. SE and the Renter are subject to all terms and conditions in this contract. Renter understands and agrees to the below:


Equipment Usage:

  • Renter is responsible for verifying that the SE equipment is allowed to be setup at the delivery location premises. This includes but is not limited to obtaining necessary permission from the property owner and permits.
  • If the property owner of the delivery location requires insurance, the Renter will provide written notice to SE fourteen days prior to the rental start date.
  • Renter abides to not move the Equipment, to not transport the Equipment and understands that the Equipment is to stay exactly where it was setup.
  • Renter will be held responsible for any damage that occurred during the rental period.
  • Smoking of any kind, open flame or use of a machine/device that reaches a temperature of 100 ℉ or higher within a radius of 25’ of the rental piece is not permitted.
  • The Renter and persons at the event where the SE Equipment was delivered are instructed to utilize a safe lifting technique when interacting with a decorative wall rental. A safe lifting technique is lifting the glass ½” and pulling the glass towards the person. The person should never touch any part of the wall other than the glass, ever.
  • The Renter shall notify Sheridan Events by means of both a phone call and email in the event of Equipment failure.
  • The Renter shall notify Sheridan Events by means of both a phone call and email in the event of an accident, collision or damage involving the Equipment. The Renter notification mentioned in the previous sentence will include contact information of all persons and witnesses involved with the accident, collision or damage.



  • SE will deliver the Equipment to the delivery location noted on the invoice/receipt and will additionally transport the Equipment an additional 100ft from delivery location.
  • Renter is responsible for verifying that an accessible path with adequate clearance will be available at the delivery location and that the path allows for reasonable transportation of the Equipment. This includes any type of entryway, doorway, terrain etc.
  • Stairs: SE will not transport Equipment down a stair/set of stairs or any type of inclined ramp. For scenarios regarding a single stair please contact us in advance of the rental start date and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • Stairs and Clearance Path: For the scenario in which SE shows up to deliver and the Renter has not communicated prior to SE about stairs or an inclined ramp in the delivery path OR SE discovers that there is a lack of clearance along the delivery path (to the Renter desired final delivery location), SE has the right to refuse delivery and additionally not provide any type of refund to the Renter.


Returning Equipment:

  • Renter to return all SE glasses onto the wall prior to SE pickup.
  • All Equipment is to be returned back to the original location that SE delivered to or Renter will incur a “Return Fee” of $75/hour for SE employee(s) to complete this task.
  • Equipment that is returned in a cleanliness state that is above and beyond normal use will incur an “Excessive Clean” fee of $50.
  • If at any point during the rental period this contract is breached, Renter grants SE permission to enter the property where the Equipment was delivered and retake all Equipment. Renter will incur all fees and expenses required for SE to retake all Equipment.


Rental Length:

  • All SE rental contracts have a 24 hour standard duration unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by SE and the Renter


Miscellaneous Fees and Additional Charges:

  • Late fees: A late fee of $25 will be assessed per hour after the rental period ends if the Renter has not provided unobstructed site access to the rented Equipment. This hourly fee will continue to summate up until the full replacement cost of the rented Equipment is reached.
  • If the condition of the returned SE Equipment by the Renter is deemed partially destroyed by Sheridan Events, LLC the Renter will be charged a repair fee of $75/hour in addition to material costs to restore the Equipment back to the condition it was originally delivered in.
  • If the condition of the returned SE Equipment by the Renter is deemed destroyed beyond repair by Sheridan Events, LLC or lost or stolen while in possession of the Renter, the Renter will be charged the below fees:
    • Cedar Boxwood Wall – $2,000
    • Champagne glasses – $5/glass
  • SE will bill all fees and additional charges on the original payment method.
  • All fees are to be paid by the Renter within 14 days of the date in which the fees were communicated by SE to the Renter or will incur fees and interest. If Renter provided a credit card to SE to keep on file, SE will charge the fees to that credit card. If Renter paid a security deposit, the fees will be subtracted from that balance. Fees above and beyond that balance will still need to be remitted to SE within 14 days of the date in which the fees were communicated by SE to the Renter.
  • Renter agrees to pay all applicable state and local taxes.



  • 100% refund if cancelling 30 days prior to rental start date.
  • 50% refund if cancelling 14 days prior to rental start date
  • Refund options are not limited to original payment method, Venmo, or Paypal.
  • Policy on cancelling within x # of days of the event


Inclement Weather:

  • In the case of inclement weather, SE and the Renter will communicate to arrange Equipment return. No late fees will be accessed if the Equipment is returned late due to inclement weather.



  • Renter acknowledges that SE assumes no liability that is a result of the Renter’s use of the Equipment. Renter agrees that SE will not be liable for any damage, injury, or death that is associated with the Equipment.
  • Renter acknowledges that SE will not be responsible for any legal fees or fees/monies associated with any damage, injury or death during the period in which the Equipment is at the delivery location.
  • including but not limited to damage and death related to Equipment that has been tampered.